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Specializing in Commercial Refrigeration and A/C service                                            Statewide Repair Services for Commercial Kitchens in Maine

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Commercial Refrigeration, kitchen equipment, and A/C service

for all areas of Maine from our Rockland location.

 Established in 1998, The Ghost In the Machine has been a leader in servicing coastal and central Maine's commercial kitchens, convenience, and grocery stores. Owned and operated by Nathan Greenleaf "the Ghost" has a reputation for honest answers, fair prices, and lightning fast response times.

We service all areas of Maine from our location at  17 Walnut Street, in Rockland.

We sell, install, and repair all types of kitchen equipment including walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-ins, sandwich coolers, display units, ice machines, keg units... if it makes things hot or cold, or moves air, we fix it.

We also work on air conditioning and ventilation equipment of any size, as well as all types of  commercial kitchen exhaust hoods.

We understand that your business relies on immediate attention to ensure zero product losses. Lost product means lost revenue, and it is our job to make sure you have the tools you need to make money.

Our philosophy is simple.

Quick responses to emergencies including 24 hour telephone and on-call support.

Treat all clients with respect and honesty.

Service calls are dispatched triage style (whomever is bleeding the most money dictates our call order.)

Provide the client with all of the equipment service information, and offer service solutions that fit their financial needs.

Call us today at
207-542-5760 to discover what hundreds of Maine based businesses already know....

"You need to get the Ghost."